Quick, get Scully and Muldur.  There’s a mysterious glass ceiling and it seems to be GROWING.  That’s the case, according to Gillian Anderson who played FBI Agent Dana Scully to David Duchovny’s Fox Mulder for 9 seasons of the X-Files, and who now stars in the reboot.  Seems this XX has been getting paid less than her XY co-star.  MUCH less.  Anderson recently said she had a wage war when the series started, and it took 3 years for her to even up the gap between their salaries.  That was then, and she never suspected it would happen AGAIN this time around.  But, sure enough, producers tried to screw her once again and offered her half of what they paid Duchovny for the remake.  Anderson’s response this time around?  Shock.  Disgust.  Outrage.  So, she’s been vocal about the need for women to be paid fairly in an industry where wage disparity runs rampant.

Hey, folks, it’s 2016 and if you‘re up on the news we could be electing a woman President of the United States.  Isn’t it time to even up the pay disparity?  I mean equal work for equal pay seems like a pretty basic right these days.

As a businesswoman and CEO, I’ve always paid a man or woman the same wage for the same position/same responsibilities.  It’s simply the right thing to do.  What do people think – that women are less capable than men?  Ha.  Not in my book.  In fact, I think women have certain intuitive skills that men, in general, just aren’t equipped with.  There’s a certain sophisticated take on the world and self-awareness that exists inside the female brain –a positive, “je ne sais quoi” kinda thing.

Back to Gillian Anderson.  So glad this X-Files partner is speaking out LOUD.  And if Duchovny were smart, he’d be taking her side in this seemingly never-ending battle over fair wages.  I give Gillian Anderson tons of credit.  Thanks to her and other women in all industries who speak out about wage disparity, the truth is out there.

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