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You know it might be time to shelf the selfies when a bison decides to take matters into its own hooves. All the action took place at Yellowstone National Park where the bison are very at home on the range.  Unfortunately, a woman tried to snap a selfie with one of the wild beasts.  Not the best idea.  The woman… Read more →


25 years in the Biz of Buzz By Risë Birnbaum Ok, so I wasn’t 18 in 1989 when I co-founded Zynyx which morphed into zcomm, but I was still fairly young.  Fresh from local and network news, I was able to take my skills and put them to use for clients who needed a viable story angle, a great headline… Read more →

Twinkie Fever

By Risë Birnbaum They’re back.  Those spongy, springy vanilla cakes loaded with creamy filling.  Fans are rushing the stores for the addictive cello-wrapped favorites, but some are not so thrilled.  It seems they’re a bit smaller than they were in 2012.  Back then, a box of twinkies weighed a hefty 15 ounces.  Now they weigh 13.58 ounces.  But, Hostess says… Read more →