Author: Risë Birnbaum


It’s International Women’s Day—a time for red-robed women around the world to demonstrate what the economy would be like without our money. Can you imagine if women don’t buy anything for an entire day? Now that’s a shot heard round the world. I have a small marcomm agency and demanding clients who deserve attention, so we’re working today, but my… Read more →


I’ve had a thing for TV since I was 2 years old—Bozo, Lamb Chop and The Merry Mailman were a few of my first screen pals. I deepened my TV romance when my grandparents hosted me for an occasional sleepover at their home in North Bergen, New Jersey, in the 1950s. My bed was directly in front of their new… Read more →


I’m just back from a week of play in one of the most beautiful cities in the world—San Francisco. I went knowing my agency was in good hands, and making sure I had lots of activities planned on the west coast. My niece and several good friends live there, so booking activities wasn’t tough. Got a good deal on a… Read more →