Tiger Tale

Tiger.  Who knew?  When you set yourself up as a choirboy, the
fall is that much steeper.

knew from the start that Tiger wasn’t going out for a carton of milk at 2:30 am
and that his wife wasn’t practicing her golf swing.

just have a different set of rules than the rest of us and the temptation is
there. If you’ve got a Pepsodent smile, are the best golfer ever and make $100
million a year, there will be no shortage of women around you at any given

now that he’s been caught, the big question for Tiger isn’t what’s next for his
personal life or will his wife stay with him. 
The real concern is, what do his publicists do to repair the damage and
return the prince of the links back to his throne?

was interviewed
this morning on this topic and here is what my 20 years of expertise in video
and radio PR experience tells me.

needs to go on Larry King and Oprah, look us in the eye and show us how sorry
he is.  But, that doesn’t mean we’re not
tired of the good wife that stands by her man and community service as ways to diffuse

Letterman got out of his jam (at least for now) by half-joking about the his
“office affairs” with the audience.  He
was lucky and masterful in what he did. 
But, Tiger blew it from the start by not being honest. Can you imagine
having a two and a half year affair and not thinking someone would rat you out?

Tiger wait too long to come clean to save himself with the public? I don’t know
how. I do know Tiger Woods has lots of good will in the bank and at some point
the media frenzy will die down.  But, for
now, the media has Tiger in their crosshairs and they have very itchy trigger

this has been the worst thing that’s ever happened to Tiger Woods, it is probably
the best thing for the PGA. I’m guessing the whole world will be tuning into
the very next tournament Tiger decides to play in.  Who knew golf was so sexy?


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