Guilty pleasures — everyone’s
got ‘em but not everyone is gutsy enough to admit ‘em.  Well, must be the hot summer sun here in DC
or too many bus fumes, but here’s my list (not in any special order):

Burgers – ya gotta understand
I’m a relatively healthy eater, but happen to have this thing for juicy cheeseburgers
with tomato, pickle, ketchup, mayo and mustard. 
And with each bite I take, I just slather on more Hellmann’s.  Maybe I’m a condiment junkie disguised as
burger addict.  Add the fact I was
brought up Kosher and it doesn’t quite compute.


Vegas – what’s better than a
few all-nighters loaded with craps, clubs, good eats and then an affordable
room that could sleep 12?  Actually the
bathroom sleeps 12.


Fast cars – I know they’re
definitely not “green,” but I’ve been a car lover all my life and ‘til now have
liked cars that (sadly) guzzle gas like a 1960 Corvette.  But, I am eyeing the new Tesla.


Any movie – doesn’t matter if
it’s Journey to the Center of the Earth (with Pat Boone) or a Sundance award
winner, I will literally watch anything on a big screen where they also sell
popcorn.  I am that discriminating.

Reality TV – Def taken with every
show from “The Fatsos of Marin County” to “Watch Me Eat Bugs.”  Made up the titles, but you catch my drift.

Moose – Love my 15 year old maltese,
moose.  Talk to him, sing to him and if
anyone saw me they would take me away in a net and lock me up for life.

Hamptons – OK, so I know it’s a bit of “my Porsche is bigger
than your Porsche” out there, but beaches are beautiful, friends are
long-standing and cocktail hour is from like 4pm to whenever.


Facebook –No, I’m not a 23 yr
old (but have one) but it is such a kick to connect with “kids” I was friends
with and barely said a word to in high school. 
Unfortunately most look like my grandparents these days.

Online dating– as a single mom with a college grad on the west coast, it's a good way to fill time while scouting out the landscape. And if Jon Hamm's twin brother happens to be online within 50 miles of DC, so much the better.


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