Plenty of Ink

What’s with the tattoo thing? Do ink-lovers really think it looks good creeping out from a t-shirt neckline or slithering from a sleeve? What’s up with that? I’m in the ink biz (other ink) and think the whole tattoo concept is freaky.

The latest brew-ha-ha over blue centers around Chris Brown and his neck tattoo. It kinda looks a lot like his bruised and battered ex, Rihanna. But, Brown calls it “art.” More specifically a blend of “a sugar skull” linked to the Mexican celebration of the dead and “a MAC cosmetics design.” huh?

I don’t even get a heart, cupid or some lover’s name living on the side of your neck, let alone a giant battered face. If I woke up with that thing I’d be running to DC doc Tina Alster real fast to try to get it lasered off.

I really get “to each his own,” but don’t think I’ll ever learn to remotely like tattoos. I connect tattoos with Jews who were sent to concentration camps…not a pretty picture.

Chris Brown isn’t the only celeb with colored ink. There’s Angelina and Johnny Depp and Jesse James and David Beckham to name a few. Speaking of a few, Beckham’s arms, neck and back are coated with blue ink. And Audrina Partidge has a huge red strawberry and blue-greenish snake on the base of her neck. nice.

I asked my 26 year-old daughter if she likes guys with tattoos and she said, “doesn’t bother me.”

Maybe I can see (or hopefully not see) a really small tattoo on some covered body part, or an Olympic symbol if you actually make it to the Games, but what’s the gain for the pain?
I say get a custom decal made and live with a temporary tatt for a while before ever going near a tattoo parlor. Or, if you’re in love with ink, try a fountain pen.

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