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Everyone likes breakfast.  Hey, if I could eat pancakes dripping in syrup every day for the rest of my life, I’d be one happy camper.  And that’s what McDonald’s is banking on.


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Starting October, the fast food chain best known for its Big Mac, is rolling out an all-day breakfast menu to over 14,000 spots across the country.  That’s a lot of eggs & sausage. The McMonster chain has been strategically testing out its menu in California and the south and so far so good.


So, you’ll soon be able to go up to the counter of drive-in window and order Egg McMuffins, biscuit sandwiches, hash browns, sausage burritos and hot cakes after 10:30 am.  And this is on top of McDonald’s letting us know it’s now cooking all its good stuff up in real butter, vs. liquid margarine – a good call.


Guess McDonald’s has been so busy whipping up its all-day breakfast menu that it isn’t able to hold hands and make nice with Burger King, the chain that’s been hunting down partners for its “Burger Merger” idea for Peace Day, September 21.  BK wants to sing “Kumbaya” with other chains to create one burger that combines a key ingredient from other chains.  But, McDonald’s dissed the King, so BK now has its eye on Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystle and Giraffas.


The Burger Merger is an interesting PR stunt that has already generated lots of ink and tweets.  Question is, will a burger that’s a blend of 5 different restaurant ingredients taste good?  The answer is who cares if there’s a big enough line to check it out.


And that noise like thunder in the distance?  That’s the sound of McDonald’s cracking all those eggs at once.  The ding ding is the sound of Burger King’s cash registers chiming as hungry consumers give The Burger Merger, and peace, a chance.

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