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Without z there is no buzz…and buzz is what this business is all about! zcomm is a national, woman-owned PR, marketing communications & media services agency. For over 25 years we’ve delivered high quality work for Fortune 100 and mom and pop businesses alike. We understand how to produce audio and video content that resonates with an audience and then effectively deliver it to a national or niche audience using the right mix of broadcast, digital and social media. Our work spans a range of industries: healthcare/wellness, consumer products, food & beverage and military to name a few, and we’ve been honored for our work with international and national awards including the prestigious PRSA Silver Anvil. Our #1 goal is to help our clients thrive.


Risë Birnbaum OK, I admit it.  I’m a Democrat.  My best guess is Hillary will win the nomination and the presidency, but nothing’s a sure thing.  The first democratic debate in Vegas was a good showing for the Dems and for CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  Instead of ranting and pointing fingers like spoiled children, they simply and calmly discussed the issues… Read more →

ZCOMM CEO Risë Birnbaum’s Power Pad Featured In The Washington Post

Everything about the Watergate, the town within a city on the banks of the Potomac, was revolutionary when it was conceived five decades ago. The Watergate was the largest privately funded renewal project in Washington, DC – and the city’s first mixed-use project, not to mention its unique, European design.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the now famous Watergate, the Washington Post featured apartments that have acquired some ‘Mad Men’ chic. Our CEO Risë Birnbaum’s power pad was one of those featured in the article.

We snapped some pictures the same day the Washington Post was there to capture the beautiful, modern interior of Risë’s renovated apartment inside the Watergate, with a fantastic view of the Potomac. Take a look at the article below, check out Risë’s sweet digs and help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Watergate complex.


Check out the Washington Post article here and for a behind the scenes look at the Washington Post cover shoot, take a look at the pictures below!


image1 image2

image3 image2 image1


Risë Birnbaum   Everyone likes breakfast.  Hey, if I could eat pancakes dripping in syrup every day for the rest of my life, I’d be one happy camper.  And that’s what McDonald’s is banking on.     Starting October, the fast food chain best known for its Big Mac, is rolling out an all-day breakfast menu to over 14,000 spots… Read more →

Play Your “Trump Card”

Who said politics isn’t fun? Check out our “Trump Card” drinking game! Download your own copy here. Our prediction for these debates? You’ll be drunk within 5 minutes. Here are the rules: Drink whenever Donald Trump mentions any phrase on the card. Drink whenever another candidate mentions any phrase on the card. Just drink. Trust us, you’ll want to be… Read more →


By: Risë Birnbaum   Whoever thinks PR doesn’t work, think again.  Karma’s a bitch for big game hunter, Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer with OVER 5,000 NEGATIVE YELP REVIEWS AND COUNTNG.  Palmer’s the one who traveled to Zimbabwe, lured Cecil the lion out of a national park using a dead animal strapped to his car, and killed the beloved lion… Read more →