By Risë Birnbaum

What a smooch!  Who would have thought one kiss would go so viral the CDC is on red alert?

I mean everyone knows Michael Sam is gay.  So, instead of kissing his girlfriend or fiancée he locks lips with his partner who, yes, just happens to be a guy.

And yes, ESPN aired it.  They didn’t think about it, they just shot it and shared it.  And I say it’s about time.

If we’re having the ongoing conversation about gay marriage and gay rights and LGBTQ and all that it entails then the public should be brave enough to see a guy, on top of the world, kiss another guy.

And yes, we’re talking about a handsome football player getting drafted by an NFL team.

If anything, this kiss should go into a time vault as the moment that opened the public’s consciousness that this is the new norm.

Just think about it.  Kids watch the most violent video games, see movies with sex and violence and nudity and terrible language, and watch wrestlers turn into human pretzels.  And this?  It was just an emotional, in-the-moment kiss.

If we all keep it in context, I think even homophobes should be able to understand that the world is a changing.

And if Michael Sam is the guy who changes perception and history with the shot watched round the world, he deserves a pat on the back, not a kick in the head.




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