Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Brand Tagging Feature


Recently, Facebook released a new feature that allows brands to do even more to take advantage of the 728+ billion daily active users by allowing companies to “flirt” with one another. This new feature will make company cross-promotion possible, drastically increasing audience awareness for brands. Followers of different products are tapped into the latest brand news via page tags. Brands’ reach, memorability, familiarity, cost, equity, and risk will be affected.

Facebook will now use an algorithm for brands that selects what to show on their Newsfeed based on mentions from other brands. Now, companies that share the same interests can overlap in a more efficient way, with the most popular content surfacing. For example, a clothing store or magazine could tag a featured designer like Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, or Michael Kors, increasing brand recognition, awareness, and ultimately providing publicity for all those involved.

Brand-to-brand communication can also benefit conglomerate businesses that have more than one corporation (or multiple Facebook accounts) under them, such as PepsiCo, the largest Food and Beverage Company in America. By tagging their foods on their beverages’ pages (and vice versa), users will be more inclined to buy PepsiCo products. For example, suggesting a Gatorade with some Fritos as an after-work snack.

On a grassroots level, local organizations can tag partners, clients, and associates who attend the same event to increase brand exposure. Higher-level social media account managers now have the ability to gain more access to community interactions.

Ultimately, this new tagging feature will garner increased exposure for complementary companies to billions of active users who are already passionate about the brands they follow. For more information about how your company can increase its social engagement visit zpr.com.

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