clooneyNot sure the exact date I became a full-fledged, card-carrying Daily Mail addict, but boy do I need my daily fix.  Without it I shiver and shake and sweat.  But, presto change-o, my symptoms disappear as soon as I land on the site.  It’s a miracle. And my doc’s assured me it’s OK to dose twice a day.

What is it about this tabloid news site that floats my boat?  Think it’s the rows and rows of pure celeb eye candy.  Stories range from Amal Clooney’s post-Pope travel duds and her husband’s vino habits in Rome to a makeup-free, but eyebrow-heavy Drew Barrymore.  And to ice the cake, this savvy site shows tons of close-ups of what celebs are wearing, who designed it and the cost.  I checked out a pair of loafers Courtney Cox was wearing a few weeks ago and they were something like $795.  I’ll take two pairs.

Now, ya gotta believe me when I tell you I also read The New York Times every day.  Cross my heart.  So, I’m not exactly clicking on the Daily Mail for the latest election news.  Got that covered.  But, hey, there’s definitely educational value on the site.  It’s a British site so I’m always reminded of the meaning of bullocks and dodgy and the fact the Brits say “going to hospital” (which celebs are always heading towards or leaving), what the Royals are up to (I’m just wild about Harry) and which Lords in Parliament are wearing women’s lingerie.

An irony here is that once upon a time I was an ABC Correspondent covering stories like the Iranian hostages and gas shortages.  Oh well.  Times change.  And now I much prefer to read about the latest celeb sighting than deporting Muslims.

It’s cool.  Call me shallow.  Just don’t call me when I’m on www.dailymail.com.

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