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It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a time of pomp and circumstance that only the Brits do so well.  Flags & fireworks.  Really big hats & low curtsies.  Uniforms & striped cravats.  It’s a big deal.  The British stock market is closed for four whole days.  (I’d go crazy without seeing my Facebook stock go face down).

The last time we heard “The British are Coming” to this degree was either the Revolutionary War or The Beatles.

So, it’s quite a spectacle for us on the other side of the pond and I have a few quick thoughts.

First, they didn’t need much PR because thanks to every news outlet in the world setting up camp in London, AND a trillion (might be slight overstatement) Tweets, blogs, Facebook mentions, viral videos and pics, this Jubilee is making quite an impression (or impressions in PR lingo).   Check out CNN’s site and the official Diamond Jubilee site to see all the action.

Trust me, there was a lot less social media for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977; Bill Gates; was just getting started and Mark (hoodie) Zuckerberg wasn’t even born yet.

Personally, I wonder how all these queen-o-philes can get so about pumped up about a woman who always looks as if she’s having a colonoscopy…without meds.

But, heck, London is flourishing, Kate and Will are cool and Harry is the Monarch’s true dude.  Lord is he a hottie.  Make that Prince Hottie.

So what if the weather sucks, the Royals are shivering and half the crowd is in arctic parkas?  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event with a family that rivals the TV show Dallas in the ratings (biting corgis, g&ts, nazi uniforms, polo ponies, Camilla).  I only wish Bravo’s Andy Cohen would step up to the plate with a “Royal Housewives” series.  The world would watch that, just as we’ve been glued to our smart phones and tellies for the real thing.  Mazels your Royal Highness.

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