I was really psyched to see this film.  My 23 yr. old daughter in Hollywood said she laughed so hard her jeans split and I really needed a good laugh.  Friends my age even said it was a kick.  Talk about word of mouth.

So, I bought tix online, went with friends and waited for the jokes to fly…and waited…and waited.

Do I like Brad Cooper?  You betcha.  Were the sight gags good?  Yup.  But when the credits ended and the flick was over I realized I never really laughed all that hard.  I tried to figure out why and realized that this newest comedy directed by an 18 yr. old was just a series of sight gags around a very thin plot.  And I def could have used more plot and less gagging.

My idea of a funny movie is Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks or one of the Vacation movies with Chevy Chase.  There’s more “there” there and those guys are really funny.

The four musketeers in Hangover are like four guys who shouldn’t be together in the first place and you don’t care much about.  Add a tiger in a bathroom and a few chickens, a naked Asian gay guy, a pissed off Mike Tyson and a saggy senior butt and I just gave away most of the story.

Do I like the new genre of comedies?  I really liked Forgetting Sarah
, so the answer is yes.  But, that had a beginning, middle and
an end.  The Hangover just gave me a slight headache and made me
resolve not to do shots ever again.


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