CNN MONEY TODAY recently said that Europeans are more GREEN than Americans. That might be true, but it's sure hard to believe given the media frenzy around going green this past year on this side of the pond. From Al Gore's Emmy-winning documentary and Nobel Prize to The Today Show’s Green is Universal programming from the ends of the earth, green is the new black and it's not even St. Patty's Day.

zcomm recently worked on an eco-friendly national contest for our friends at Weber Shandwick for ‘all’® small & mighty® Detergent where elementary school kids were asked to write an eco-related essay and nominate their school for a "green grant." Getting kids involved now is a great way to ensure the future of our planet.

From socially responsible mutual funds to redoubled recycling efforts, going green rocks. Mutant frogs, hungry polar bears, melting glaciers – if what we do in our own laundry rooms and freeways has some positive impact on the environment then let's all ride bikes and switch from gas to electric.

And if Europe is one step ahead of us, trust me we'll catch up soon, because green is spreading all across the country…and the world.

And that’s a very good thing.

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