PR is not a piece of cake

This post is part of a series written by zcomm interns. Be sure to check back each week for their take on the latest in the public relations industry. This week, Hailey discusses the negative impact of Rihanna and Chris Brown recording a song together.


Who can forget the Chris Brown and Rihanna scandal that happened back in February 2009? No one. We all remember hearing about how Brown assaulted Rihanna and left her with a black eye, a classic case of domestic abuse. Now why, a few years later, are they working together? While “forgive and forget” may be a great motto for some situations, it definitely should not be the case with these two.

They’re celebrities. They have tons of fans that look up to them.  They should be acting as role models for the children who idolize them. Brown obviously lost that title, but Rihanna still had a chance. In my opinion, she blew out her candles by collaborating with Brown to make “Birthday Cake.”

Producing a song with him is probably one of the worst PR moves Rihanna could have made. She’s essentially sending the message to all of her fans that it’s all right to go back to someone who has abused you. Sure, she’s creating quite the media frenzy, but it’s pretty much all about how poorly she has handled the situation she’s in.

Who handles her public relations and why would they let her do that? After the incident, she should have been advised to stay away from him, for good. Although it’s not uncommon for domestic violence victims to continue or return to the abusive relationships, as a public figure she should have kept her fans in mind and upheld her image.

Collaborating with Brown may get you a hit song, but with it comes a big blow to your image. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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