Mrs. Bieber and Mrs.LaBeouf Please Take Your Children Home

Dumb and Dumber.  You look at these rich pishers and you want to shake them and ask, “Are you nuts?”  ‘Cause that’s definitely how they’re behaving…like spoiled, 6-year-olds who need a time out, or better yet, time in some kind of 162-step program.

Just weeks after actor Paul Walker dies in a fiery car crash, bonehead Bieber gets pulled over for drag racing his yellow Lamborghini while drunk in South Beach.  I know that sometimes heatstroke can affect behavior, but this wasn’t one of those times.  This was just another in a series of “leave it to Bieber” knucklehead moves.

Let me rattle off some more of Justin’s bad behavior:

  • LA police found drugs in his house while investigating Bieber’s involvement in egging his neighbor’s front door
  • Brazil cops questioned the Biebs for graffiti (an Australian hotel actual gave the singer permission to spray paint its wall)
  • A Miami photographer is suing the kid and his bodyguard for “forcibly” removing his memory card, choking him and shoving a gun in his face
  • Prosecutors in LA are looking into Justin speeding through the neighborhood and allegedly spitting in a neighbor’s face
  • German customs officials seize Bieber’s illegal, pet monkey

And the Biebs isn’t the only oddball celeb making headlines.  Spotlight on Shia LaBeouf now.  The latest Shia antic involves his apology for plagiarizing another novelist’s work in a short film LaBeouf made.  In a whacko twist, it turns out LaBeouf’s apology about his plagiarism was also plagiarized (Yes, hard to keep this stuff straight).  He tweeted apologies and called his tweets, “meta-modernist performance art.”  Huh?  Can the kid be more of a dumbass?   Yup.  This latest kerfuffle comes after head-butting a drinker in a London bar brawl and had an almost endless feud with Alec Baldwin that prompted Shia to abruptly leave his co-starring gig with Alec on Broadway.

What’s wrong with dumb and dumber?  They just don’t know how good they have it.  And maybe if they lose it all, they’ll finally figure it out.  But, one thing is for sure in my book, these kids are no role models.  They are simply zeroes.



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