K ALREADY: Kim Kardashian Kools on Marriage

Why am I not surprised? Seventy two days into the “marriage of the decade” and this Special K dumps her NBA hubby. That’s 72 days after Kim reportedly raked in $18 million after taking her vows. Do the math. That comes out to a quarter of a million bucks a day for each day they were married. Talk about fantasy.

I was already seeing way too much of the Kim, Kourtney and Khloe show before the split. Talk about over exposure in the media. And now the marital meltdown…

But not for long. Here’s my prediction from a PR stance: the American public will begin to see through Kim’s quest for money and fame and start pulling away from the brand. That means fewer viewers and fewer buyers. I mean how long can some curvy con artist get away with pulling the wool over honest consumers’ eyes?

There’s already so much skepticism and cynicism about marriage in this country. Do we really need more? Come on! Seventy two days to decide your best guy friend isn’t going to cut it for the next couple of decades. It usually takes years to figure that stuff out. Or better yet, figure it out BEFORE you get married.

I think this is endemic of an entire generation of overindulged, young adults. Kim’s just a bit more overindulged than most. Give me a break! Seventy two days and $18 million later she says, “sometimes things don’t work out as planned.” My response is Kim’s career shouldn’t work out as planned and we, collectively, have the means to make that happen. De-friend her on Facebook and stop following her on Twitter. Because in my opinion, Kim’s fans should call it KWITS.

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