Ex Geek Makes Good

Blogging is fun.  I love thinking about the world and either poking fun at something really obvious or throwing my opinion out there with a gazillion others.

But, my favorite blogger in the world is Andy Borowitz.  This guy is the best at taking real news and juggling it to make it laugh-out-loud funny every single day.  And who couldn’t use a serotonin high these days?  Add Borowitz to lexapro and you’re happy for about 8 hours straight (did I say straight?).

Here’s a taste of some of Borowitz’ recent headlines:

“Blind Chinese Dissident Sick of Kardashians”

“North Carolina Weighs Ban on Electricity/Soap”

“Hookers Downgrade US Credit Rating”

“Fox News Wins Pulitzer Prize for Fiction”

“In Possible Gaffe, Romney says People “Taste like Chicken”

See what I mean?  Is this guy funny or what?  The Cleveland native and Harvard Lampoon publisher packed up his lava lamp and day glo posters and took off to the left coast right after college and managed to start writing sitcoms in a flash starting with Archie Bunker.  But, after about a decade, soon after The Fresh Prince (which Borowitz produced and wrote) he decided to pack it in and go back east to NYC.  Word from the King of Copy is that he was tired of the Hollywood treadmill where his next hit had to be bigger and his next house had to be fancier and his next dog had to be cuter (he actually said that on a CBS interview).

So, Andy hopped off the LA red carpet train, took some time off to read and think (lucky guy had the bank account to do that) and then kinda reinvented himself as a comedian, blogger, author (which he’s great at).  I mean, this guy can really do schtick.  And America knows it.  Andy has 244,801 Twitter followers, 47,793 Facebook friends and 72,302 blog subsribers.  After you read this, check out www.borowitzreport.com and up his numbers a bit.  The “Mad Magazine”-inspired dude deserves it.

As a former ABC Network news correspondent, screenplay writer and now PR exec, I know it’s not easy to be funny when you need to be.  And Andy is funny 365 days a year.

If there’s a beefy news story, Borowitz will have the best blog in the galaxy within hours (maybe minutes).  And he’s also the coolest ex geek I’ve ever seen.  Can’t ask for more than that.

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