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It’s August, half of DC is at the beach and the other half is still reeling from Olympics-withdrawal.  Is there a patch for that?  If so, I could sure use one.  Maybe a 12-step program.  “Hi, I’m Risë, and I’m an Olympics addict.”  If there’s coffee and donuts at those meetings I’m there. There were literally times when I was… Read more →


The Washington Women in PR Emerging Leaders Awards is at the National Press Club and it’ll be one crowded event, and deserves to be.  It’s fantastic that WWPR takes the time and energy to salute up-and-comers in the industry.  Without kids passionate about PR earning their stripes, where would our industry be going? The terrain has drastically changed over the… Read more →

The Heat Wave is Worth Talking About

It’s too damn hot. I’ve lived in DC since 1984 so I’m used to swamp-like weather in the summer, but this has been one blistering month even by DC standards.  And it’s the warmest January-June stretch ever recorded.  Ouch! So, naturally the storms, power outages and chill-seeking are all making headlines.  Add in some flash floods and chunky hailstones and… Read more →

Women Rule

Leave it to SmartCEO magazine to put on the hippest party in downtown DC. There were women CEOs everywhere schmoozing, toasting and celebrating the honor of being tapped one of SmartCEO’s Brava 100. You walked in and there were disco lights flashing, giant screens flashing video of the winners, a bar lining the right side of the wall and hors-d’oeuvres… Read more →

The Right Stuff

It’s been a non-stop party here in DC, the Inauguration epicenter, for the past week.  I’ve lived here for almost 25 years and never seen the City so teeming with revelers.  It was like New Year’s Eve but 1,000x brighter and with no Dick Clark (though Dick might have been here, too, ya never know). More police cars and tinted-windowed… Read more →