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For the past five years what news angle have PR pros tapped into the most?  Obesity.  Headline after headline about the “fat Americans.”  It’s made the papers, radio and TV.  It’s gotten such great press it’s even triggered a whole reality TV craze with shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Dance Your Ass Off.” The message has come across loud… Read more →

How can I optimize my Satellite Media Tour?

"You’ve heard all the noise about the FCC crackdown on SMTs – and it’s true,” acknowledges JoAnn Mangione, vice president of zcomm, Bethesda-based broadcast PR firm.  “However, a little tweaking of our approach to SMT planning can still reap the big audience numbers.” First, put your money where your mouth is – invest in a well-known spokesperson and stick with… Read more →

How to use the news?

It’s not always easy to develop a news angle that resonates with editors and producers, but there are simple ways to increase the odds. Risë Birnbaum, Founder of zcomm in Bethesda, MD and former ABC Network Correspondent, says be a news hound.  “Have the TV on and check online news sites whenever possible for stories that relate to your clients,”… Read more →