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Wild About Harry

Who could ask for better summer reading than something about Harry? And, yes, he does it again. This latest romance tale is about Prince Harry’s break-up with 25-year-old lingerie model, Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Her nickname is “Flee.” And that’s exactly what the ginger-haired prince did… again. Maybe it’s time to switch PR agencies.  Why?  Here’s his story to the press: “He… Read more →

Elbow, Elbow, Wrist, Wrist

With the looming nuptials of the Prince and soon-to-be Princess, the world is buzzing with wedding preparations. The Royal Public Relations Services have been working hard to fill our screens with pictures to play on our childhood fantasies of one day being Princess and get us excited for the big day. But with the exception of Philadelphia native Princess Grace,… Read more →