It’s International Women’s Day—a time for red-robed women around the world to demonstrate what the economy would be like without our money. Can you imagine if women don’t buy anything for an entire day? Now that’s a shot heard round the world.

I have a small marcomm agency and demanding clients who deserve attention, so we’re working today, but my women colleagues and I are all wearing red in solidarity with strikers and marchers.

It’s been a challenging yet exhilarating ride over the last 30 years in business. Starting out first as a young reporter and then as an anchor in Miami, I worked my way up the ladder to become the first woman Correspondent at ABC’s American Contemporary Radio network and then a Sports Correspondent at Enterprise Radio Sports. In every job I was surrounded by guys. I just worked hard to excel at every gig and demonstrate value. And as I look back I recognize I probably worked twice as hard as my XY-chromosomed partners.

I still work hard. I’m always passionate about my work and deliverables for clients, and I challenge myself and my teammates to work smarter and more creatively every day.

If like us you’re at work today, there are still ways to join in. If you do need to buy lunch, try a store that’s woman-owned. And if you can afford it, write a check to a woman’s organization. Planned Parenthood can sure use it these days.

Don’t have a red T-shirt, sweater or dress?  Grab a red ribbon or that pink pussyhat from the last march. And on social media use the hashtag #DayWithoutAWoman to speak out.

I’m proud that worldly women on the planet are standing united. But, I’m also hoping there’s a time that we won’t need a day to demonstrate our value.

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