What are you thankful for?

To celebrate this holiday season, some of the staff at ZCOMM wanted to share what they are thankful for. You can get to know the z staffers while enjoying an

Rise and Jeni at the VVMF Gala.
Rise and Jeni at the VVMF Gala

extra helping of turkey or stuffing! ZCOMM believes in putting family first. The best of both worlds collide in this dynamic duo as the CEO and Founder, Risë, shares that she is thankful for 24 years in business and a terrific staff, including her daughter, Jeni (who calls her “Bossmother”). Jeni, the Promotions Specialist, said, “I’m thankful for a job that I love, and for having a fantastic boss… who happens to be my mother.”

To many of the ZCOMM staffers, family isn’t complete without some furry family members. Joan, Executive Vice President, and Linda, General Manager, are both thankful for their four legged family members and incredible families. Now if only we could have a “Take Your Doggie to Work Month,” right?
Joan with her husband in Barcelona, Spain.
Design Master Sarah said, “I am thankful for my colleagues who have become my friends and my evening breath of fresh air as I walk home from the metro each night.”

Joan with her husband in Barcelona, Spain.

The metro seemed to be a theme among some of the ZCOMM staffers when Social Media  Guru Andrea, remarked on how thankful she is when the metro is running on time and how much she enjoys working at ZCOMM. The z team’s reflections kept coming back to one overall theme. All staffers mentioned how thankful they are for the support, encouragement and guidance of their colleagues. Our Number Crunching Ninja, Terez, remarked on how grateful she is for everyone always believing in her. Jill-of-all-trades, Megan, adds that she is thankful for the opportunity to dive in head first at work, and for everything she is learning. Our Integrated Campaign Expert, Jen, hit the nail on the head when she said, “I am thankful for a great career, and the opportunity to use my skills to help clients promote their messages in a meaningful way.” We couldn’t agree more! And finally, we are all thankful for our wonderful clients and the business they entrust to ZCOMM as well as our business partners, vendors and industry colleagues that support us throughout the year. Now it’s your turn! Tell us, what are you thankful for?

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