Only in Hollywood would a goofy looking, bible-toting actor making $8 million a year talk trash about his very own show.

Here’s the deal.  The kid who’s grown up (and grown rich) over the last 9 years playing Jon Cryer’s son on Two and a Half Men found Jesus and lost some street cred.

The kid had a religious awakening and made a video distributed online by a Christian church in which he pleaded with viewers to stop watching his show and “filling your head with filth.”

Look, I’m not counting anyone else’s money, but this is one rich kid who seems like an ingrate to me (and maybe lots of others).  Where does this geeky kid with a wallet the size of Oklahoma come off telling TV viewers to please change the channel?

So, today, probably after a closed door session with producers that rivals something out of The Shining, teen turd Angus T. Jones apologized, saying, “I’m sorry if my remarks showed indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and lack of appreciation of my opportunities.”

Ya know what I say?  Too late twerp.  We all heard what you said and don’t believe one word of your “apology.”

Half the world would give their right arm for the chance to read scripts, show up on set for 9 years and make boatloads of money by the time they’re 19 (or 75 for that matter).

I’m not sayin’ it’s wrong to find religion.  It’s just wrong to bite the hand that feeds you.  And Angus took a very big bite.  A T-Rex size bite.

The “half man” has a year left on his contract and chances are real good he’s done with show biz.

From a PR standpoint, the apology was necessary, but dumb, and there’s nothing I would suggest the kid do except not talk to the press for the next year and maybe give away all his money to charity.

And ya know what the T. in Angus T. Jones stands for?  Turncoat.  It’s curtains for the kid.

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  1. November 28, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Wow. I usually like your posts but I don’t know where to begin here. First of all, you attack someone based on their appearance by saying he’s goofy looking? You call him a “turd?” You can build a case for your points without going there.

    But to get to your point, I don’t know that I would see him as an “ingrate” or a “turncoat.” Those are pretty harsh terms for someone who is just stating a moral position you might not agree with. He didn’t sabotage the show by his words, or cause anyone to lose their jobs. The show isn’t going to lose any fans because of what he said.

    Let me ask you: did you savage Charlie Sheen when he criticized the show? Did you call him an ingrate? Or do you just have a problem with this kid because of his beliefs?

    Lots of people in show biz do have changes of heart about their past work. Doris Day, for example, really doesn’t like any of her movies. Cat Stevens decided to end his musical career because he felt it was incompatible with his religious values after his conversion to Islam.

    I think someone who has strong religious beliefs is in a position to make a statement about his values, and that show does have a LOT of crude humor and the kinds of situations that would conflict with his values (for example, the scene where Charlie Sheen is in bed with 2 women, one of whom is a prostitute, to name just one). He was a juvenile when he was in that show. Other people made decisions for him. Now that he’s older, I can see where he may have a different perspective. Does he wish he said he differently? Maybe. Is he wrong for saying honestly what he believes? Not necessarily. At any rate, villifying him seems extreme.

  2. November 29, 2012 at 10:20 am

    It’s not the religion factor that bothers me, it’s the fact he showed complete disregard for the show while still employed. Once he leaves the show, that’s a different matter. Though he’s older now and has a new viewpoint, he acted like a child.

  3. C.A.
    November 29, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I would like to comment on this from the standpoint of someone in entertainment. I work on a TV show, and if one of our actors publicly trashed the show, the first thing that would be out of the mouths of every cast and crew member would be “INGRATE!” How dare someone even threaten the welfare of a show that employs hundreds of people. Fortunately enough for “Two and a Half Men,” the show has such a strong fanbase that this will be a blip on their ratings, but regardless — it was an extremely ungrateful and childish act.

    This has NOTHING to do with someone’s personal beliefs. She’s mainly highlighting the fact that this actor did something extremely foolish.

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