Trout Pouts

Listen.  I like to look good, but what’s with the stung-by-hive-of-bees lip look?

Are these women crazy?  Does Kris Jenner think she looks good with a lip that looks as if she smacked it against the pavement doing about 30 mph?  How about Lindsay Lohan?  Meg Ryan?  Lara Flynn Boyle?   Have they looked in a mirror lately?  Didn’t they all look really good without the puffed up pucker?

I have zero against plastic surgery, though I do think it varies in different parts of the country.  And one reason some of these celebs have lips the size of the Hollywood sign is because that’s where they live.  When you’re livin’ large in LA, everything seems to be large…your Eurocar, your crib, your breasts and yes, even your lips.  I like to say guys are tall in LA only when they stand on their wallets.

I live in DC where the plastic surgeons seem to be OK, but the best looks (say, Catherine Deneuve) come out of Park Avenue surgery practices.  It’s not quite as “windblown”

In PR, we do stunts and surveys, and much of the time, bigger is better…like the biggest burger or the biggest fish.  But, fish lips?  Not since Don Knotts have they been so trendy.  So, this PR vet says yes to the biggest and the best stories and no to the biggest lips.

If you haven’t seen these duck lips, check them out online or on a smart phone.

But any way you look at it, let’s just kiss this one trend goodbye.

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