“Today” is So Yesterday

So, what’s going on at the Today show?  Can you imagine what breaks must be like for Ann, Matt and Al this week?  Yipes.

I never thought Ann was the right fit for the hole Meredith left.  Meredith was a vibrant and intelligent co-host, while Ann talks too much and too fast and isn’t an insightful interviewer.  So NBC got it wrong from the start.

I’ve become much more of a fan of Morning Joe these past few months (and I’m not alone).  Not to mention that GMA is coming on strong while Today’s ratings soften from too much soft news.  It’s hard to beat Mika, Joe and Willie’s rat-a-tat-tat style of news banter and the show’s overall energy, style and dynamism.  The Today show seems so stagnant in comparison.

The latest news is Savannah Guthrie will replace Ann.  That’s a step in the right direction, but more of a band-aid than a long-term solution.  Matt is terrific, but is best when he has the right sidekick.

Maybe Today should have conducted an online poll asking viewers their pick for Matt’s co-host.  My pick is to bring back Amy Robach.  She left in May to go to ABC as a news correspondent and has the magic mix of news chops, talent and smarts that’s perfect for the morning chair.

As for Ann?  Though not a fan, it’s tough to watch the show these days while knowing Ann is probably crying in her coffee.  The Holy Trinity is straining to keep it together until Ann vanishes into the green screen (or green room).

Savannah’s got big shoes to fill and they’re not Ann’s.  They’re Meredith’s.  And in my mind, they’re at least a size 10.

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