A ballsy move in NYC.  zcomm’s Risë Birnbaum has more in her latest blog


(ZPR) – Anthony Weiner is back where he wants to be – smack in front of the camera.  But this time the guy’s wearing big boy pants.

Think about it.  This dude is barely back from e-mailing pics of his hefty package to women (like marky mark on crack) and now he’s all zipped up and running for mayor.  Life is stranger than fiction.

So far, the public isn’t buying.  A poll shows 49% of city voters say no to his hat in the ring, and 52% of those are women.

It’s not cool to have your member go viral and then try to be a member of mayoral wannabes.  But, he’s scrappy and he’s trying his best with a fast & furious going-it-solo kinda campaign.

To kick things off Weiner-style, he launched a video hoping it would make more news & noise than his rivals, and it did.  No doubt his fellow runners are pissed off.

I watched the video.  It starts off with Anthony feeding his son and then talking about how his parents worked their way up to the middle class to give their kids a chance…something he’s fought for all his life.  I felt a touch sorry for his wife when she addresses the camera for a few seconds near the end.  Reminds me of “The Good Wife.”

Do I like Anthony Weiner’s politics?  Yes.  Do I like what the guy did?  Nope.  Would I give him another chance?  Not yet.

There’s always something in a closet.  Not many kids at 14 decide to become President and then do. (OK, Maybe Bill Clinton).  So just about everyone in office has done something along the way they’re not proud of – from smoke crack and take acid to have affairs and drive drunk.   Shoot, I think half the British Parliament is wearing women’s lingerie under their Savile Row suits.  But, what Weiner did is just plain sick, and, in my opinion, requires counseling.

And not enough time has passed for me to give this guy a pass.

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