Have you ever found yourself heated about a certain topic and just want to shout it out? Well, now you can with Shout Roulette. The new website has a variety of topics such as “Mitt Romney is an idiot,” “people should not own dogs in crowded cities” and “job interviews are horrible.”

Then you choose a topic that you are fired up about and either agree or disagree. The website takes your opinion and places you in a video chat with someone with an opposing view. When you are sick of talking about one topic you can move to the next and yell at random strangers over the internet.

The site reminds me of the controversial ChatRoulette but for folks who want to get upset and debate. Would you use this site as a place to let go of frustration? Or do you think this is a new way of communication?

I would love to see what happens on Shout Roulette during the presidential debates tonight. It’s probably a better idea to get upset at someone that you don’t know than to cause controversy in your own household. What are your thoughts on this new website and communication tool?

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