Monday nights are about to get fun again.  Time to rush home to catch Chris Harrison setting the stage for another hotter-than-hot Bachelorette season.  This time jilted JoJo gets back at wimpy Ben (who’s already solo) by getting her pick of 26 hunky guys.  Tall, short, marine or hipster, JoJo is squarely in control of her fate and date.

The first episode is always a mix of sweat and steel.  Guys spill out of limos in too-tight suits with all sorts of schticks trying to grab JoJo’s attention so they don’t have to pack up and leave night #1.  It’s a vodka rocks-fueled night of grabbing JoJo for 5 minutes of solo-time until the next stud-on-steroids steals her away.  It’s hard to have a first episode without some drunk dude diving into the pool half-naked in a vain attempt to highlight his tattoos.  Spoiler alert:  The guy who throws up in the bushes is usually the first to go.

The guys look just OK this season. They range from 5’7” (the marine) to about 6’3” (medical sales rep) with a hipster and a singer/songwriter thrown in (he’ll be good in the karaoke contest).  Not of fan of guys’ trendy haircuts these days, but the beards help.

Not sure why I love this show so much.  I know the producers add alcohol to every gathering and I get they edit for maximum drama, but there’s something about being in the driver’s seat with 26 adoring dates pledging their love (or at least their lust) that floats my boat.  Maybe it’s because I’d like to be just like JoJo and have a flock of stubbly guys at my beck and call.  Or, maybe it’s the crying and the spying.  Or it could be the kissing…and the kissing…and more kissing.  Whatever it is, I’m hooked.  And if they ever think of launching a slightly more mature Bachelorette, count me in!  Til then I’ll be checking out the dating frenzy this season Monday nights hoping JoJo picks a menschy guy with a big ring and an even bigger heart and brain.

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