blog_pic_riseI’ve been a TV addict since I was two years old which probably started with “Romper Room.”  My taste has changed over the years and my latest habit is “The Affair,” which I have a running date with Sunday nights for the last season and three-quarters.

For you non-watchers, “The Affair” is a drama about a Brooklyn family that summers in Montauk with the wife’s wealthy parents.  The husband, Noah, starts off as a full-time teacher/part-time unsuccessful writer, and then meets a sexy waitress which ignites a torrid affair that blows apart two families – his and Alison’s, the woman of his obsession.  It’s a steamy series with lots of drugs, sex and rock n’ roll as well as a mysterious hit and run (or not).  The writers usually tell the story from one of the main character’s POV, so we get two versions of the story per episode.  That is, until last night when all hell broke loose and my guess is the writers were replaced by interns.

Last night’s show was “One Life to Live” meets “Twister.”  Here’s an instant replay:  a hurricane in March, sex in the rec room with kids upstairs, a drunk, on-call surgeon on Tinder, a party with more lines than a Stella painting, an indoor pool scene right out of “Wild Things,” a tough birth in a hospital with just one doc, no meds and no nurses, a stoned Noah with his car stuck in the mud, more sex, and a primo property beach shack going up in flames.  Whoa.  I was on a Facebook thread throughout the show just trying to keep up with all the non-stop, heart-racing, mind-blowing craziness.

I literally don’t know what the producers and writers had in mind for this last show and realize the storm was a metaphor that covered life and death and fame and flames, but it was one big, hot mess.

But, just like my addiction to Oreos, I am still hooked on this show and sorry there are only three more episodes this year.  Just hope the writing gets tighter (and saner), and they figure out a way to keep the tension up and story going into another season.  But, I have one request of the producers – please, please, please change the Fiona Apple intro song.  If I hear that dissonant, depressing, disturbing tune one more time, I think I’ll sink back into the ocean.

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