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When Holiday Planning Goes South

We’re moving into the most wonderful time of the year (for ZCOMM clients, anyway)! Holiday planning can go sideways if you’re not prepared, and it seems to sneak up on you faster than a new season of the “Real Housewives.” Now’s the time to get ready! Here are some tips from our zteam to help to dominate the holidays! 1. Going, going, GONE! Inventory… Read more →


Oh the weather outside is frightful…   I just logged on to weather.com and it looks like the entire country is purple, red or blue.  And that means blizzard, freezing or hazardous conditions.  As I left the office for lunch here in beautiful downtown Bethesda, MD, I began to wonder when North Face became the parka of the people? Me, dressed… Read more →


For the past five years what news angle have PR pros tapped into the most?  Obesity.  Headline after headline about the “fat Americans.”  It’s made the papers, radio and TV.  It’s gotten such great press it’s even triggered a whole reality TV craze with shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Dance Your Ass Off.” The message has come across loud… Read more →

Tiger Tale

Down, Tiger.  Who knew?  When you set yourself up as a choirboy, the fall is that much steeper. I knew from the start that Tiger wasn’t going out for a carton of milk at 2:30 am and that his wife wasn’t practicing her golf swing. Superstars just have a different set of rules than the rest of us and the… Read more →

How do you maximize radio placements?

"There are many ways to maximize audience reach and impressions on radio,” says Joan Carrese of zcomm.  When pitching Radio News Releases and PSAs, customize your story to each market.  “zcomm researches and includes statistics in pitches to localize stories and, whenever possible, uses a local spokesperson to add a credible, community angle,” adds Carrese.  Stations across the country prefer… Read more →

How can I optimize my Satellite Media Tour?

"You’ve heard all the noise about the FCC crackdown on SMTs – and it’s true,” acknowledges JoAnn Mangione, vice president of zcomm, Bethesda-based broadcast PR firm.  “However, a little tweaking of our approach to SMT planning can still reap the big audience numbers.” First, put your money where your mouth is – invest in a well-known spokesperson and stick with… Read more →

Why are spanish language radio stations more receptive to broadcast PR?

Hispanic households will soar to over 13 million by 2010, controlling almost $700 billion in personal income by that time. As the Hispanic market continues to rapidly expand, more clients are looking for effective ways to tap into this affluent community. zcomm founder and CEO Risë Birnbaum says radio stations are more receptive to broadcast PR tactics than general market… Read more →