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What’s wrong with this country?   People still have this undeniable urge to bully others.  Is it a small ego thing…a small brain thing?  Something is definitely small ‘cause no one who feels good about him/herself would care if someone else were short or skinny or fat or gay.  Why does it matter? I felt sick when I heard about the… Read more →


Oh the weather outside is frightful…   I just logged on to weather.com and it looks like the entire country is purple, red or blue.  And that means blizzard, freezing or hazardous conditions.  As I left the office for lunch here in beautiful downtown Bethesda, MD, I began to wonder when North Face became the parka of the people? Me, dressed… Read more →

How do you maximize radio placements?

"There are many ways to maximize audience reach and impressions on radio,” says Joan Carrese of zcomm.  When pitching Radio News Releases and PSAs, customize your story to each market.  “zcomm researches and includes statistics in pitches to localize stories and, whenever possible, uses a local spokesperson to add a credible, community angle,” adds Carrese.  Stations across the country prefer… Read more →

Why are spanish language radio stations more receptive to broadcast PR?

Hispanic households will soar to over 13 million by 2010, controlling almost $700 billion in personal income by that time. As the Hispanic market continues to rapidly expand, more clients are looking for effective ways to tap into this affluent community. zcomm founder and CEO Risë Birnbaum says radio stations are more receptive to broadcast PR tactics than general market… Read more →