I can’t help myself.  I just have to weigh in on this Repub finger pointing at Susan Rice.  Is John McCain out of his frickin’ mind?  Has he mixed Ambien with his Bourbon and then decided to do a media tour?

He and Lindsey Graham need to make an appointment with a neurologist, stat!

So, the old white guys feel like making a pre-emptive strike against Susan Rice just in case Prez Obama taps her as the next Secretary of State?  They’re out of they’re league (as well as minds).

If you don’t know about Susan Rice’s background, let me fill you in a bit.  She was a 3 letter athlete and valedictorian at the National Cathedral School, attended Stanford, was tapped as a Rhodes Scholar and then finished at New College, England.  She was also an Econ Professor at Cornell.

McCain and Graham?  I’m trying not to snicker here.  McCain finished in the bottom fifth of his class at the Naval Academy and Graham graduated the University of South Carolina.  That’s not ranked way up there with Stanford the last time I checked.

Yes, Susan Rice had her talking points on Benghazi when she did the Sunday morning talk show circuit after the September 11 attack.  And yes, she was given the talking points by the Obama administration which did not brand the Benghazi action a terrorist attack.  That’s it.  End of story.  And this is what has prompted McCain and Graham to declare that Rice is unfit to be Secretary of State.

Tell me, don’t these guys have anything better to do?  Like try to pick up the pieces of the fractured Republican party?  Trust me, this is not a shining example of bi-partisanship.  It is bad behavior, plain and simple.  And I think these guys deserve a time out.  Don’t you?


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