Rally Round the Flagpole

Raise your hand if you haven’t embedded a General?  I don’t see many hands.  Has everyone out there slept with David Petraeus?  I have an alibi.  If he wasn’t on jdate, I haven’t met the guy.

What the heck is going on?  I mean I know all the lords In Parliament are wearing ladies’ underwear under their pinstripes, but what’s with all these macho military men?  Whatever happened to porn?

I’m sounding like a wise ass, but it’s not like any of these multi-starred generals was actually in love with Paula or Jill or any of the dozen other women they’ll soon find sleeping under the stars.

I know these guys are away from their wives for months at a time, but isn’t that what magazines and videos are for?  I’m not an expert at this stuff, but it all seems pretty basic to me.

And what’s with the rogue FBI agent who started sending shirtless pics in e-mails?  I think he’s the same guy who whispered about the “Petraeus affair” to Eric Cantor.  Glad he was suspended.

K.  Here’s my bottom line. This stuff makes for great copy (and blogs) and the next episode of Homeland, but if no secret sauce was leaked, then it’s none of my business and I could care less.  If I kept count of who’s sleeping with whom I’m not sure I’d have much time left to work during the day and eat my Pb&j at night.

I know it’s a brave new hi-tech world where we can see Kate Middleton naked as well as her ginger-haired brother-in-law Harry, but do you know how many presidents slept with other women and no one really cared to know?  Let’s just say it resembled a really good episode of Mad Men.

So, is this story kinda fun to follow?  Yup.  But, if no secrets were shared and no one got hurt, then I say it should have stayed behind closed doors.

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  1. November 14, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    I think I want to address just the one point you raised — and I think you were being facetious 🙂 — when you said why don’t they just basically use videos or porn for their needs.

    Men engage in extramarital affairs for more reasons than to just get off. Sure that comes into it. But video/porn can’t make you feel desired or laugh at your jokes. They can’t touch you. A lot of wives stop doing that with their husbands, but those men don’t stop needing that. It’s natural to want and need to be touched and feel desirable. When it’s not provided for in the marriage, they become very unhappy and conflicted. They love their wives — but they have this basic, human, unfulfilled need to be held. They want to feel excited about sex again. It does make them feel young and alive. And yes! Some of them DO fall in love with these women, very naturally so, but they don’t ever stop loving their wives, or want to leave their wives. Ask them about how they can love to women and they will explain it is like loving two or more children. It is possible to love more than one woman, but in different ways.

    The other type of man who engages in affairs may be getting plenty of sex and affection at home. But he really needs more. For a lot of reasons — some of them have issues, some are narcissists, some are horn-dogs, some have inadequacy, you name it. And for some the secrecy part of it may meet some emotional need that is too complex to try and explain here.

    But these two types of men who engage in affairs (and I know I am generalizing here) have different m.o.s. I tend to have a lot more sympathy with the first kind, and I’ll bet $5 Gen. Petraeus fell into that first category because he was so *stupid* to do it “at work” with an openly scheming albeit smart and hot woman like Broadstone. I hope for his sake he did not fall in love and have to deal with that pain on top of all this humiliation and family agony. The second category man (who tends to be a serial offender 🙂 is a lot more savvy and conniving and wouldn’t have fallen for all that or done stuff that could get him caught (ordinarily).

    For me, like you, I wish it had stayed behind closed doors. It only got exposed because people were greedy and vindictive. Those are BAD reasons to do anything.

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