Unisys Security


Unisys has been helping businesses and governments protect assets for nearly 150 years, and continues to stay ahead of the pack with new offerings such as StealthTM. The company was looking for a fresh look for a microsite to prompt IT staffers and the C-suite to take a deeper dive into their security offerings, and tapped ZCOMM to design the microsite and additional assets from scratch under an aggressive deadline.


ZCOMM worked at mach speed to deliver the microsite under the requested deadline.  We created a wireframe, drafted all the copy, chose video and photos, and designed, coded and hosted the site.  What started as a 5-page site has evolved to 9 pages.  ZCOMM also produced the 2D and 3D animated video, the 5-part “Test Drive” video and created the “Communitrends” platform to help position Unisys executives as thought leaders. In addition, we’ve repackaged the videos for Unisys to share socially.


Unisys was thrilled with the new, modern look and feel of the site, and even pulled copy and graphics from the ZCOMM-designed microsite over to Unisys.com to freshen that site and keep the look consistent.  In addition, Unisys execs loved the new look so much that they tapped ZCOMM to develop a microsite for Unisys Cloud, which just launched, and one for Unisys Advanced Analytics, scheduled to launch soon.

Client Testimonial

“ZCOMM did an amazing job designing the Unisys Security site, adding pages as needed.  The site design was so impactful and effective at driving metrics that fellow executives noticed and have tapped ZCOMM for their digital needs.”

Celso Puentes, Global Director, Unisys Security