onehourdoingthiswhyI’m definitely occupied.  In this case I’m occupied with “Occupied,” a whip smart video series streaming on Netflixabout Russia occupying Norway for the fjord-loaded country’s crude – oil that is.  I stumbled on it while clicking through dozens of Netflix options over a wintry weekend (one of several) and the 5 star rating prompted me to click.

I was thrilled in the opening credits when I caught that Jo NesbØ (pronounced Yoo Nesboo) created the series.  NesbØ is an author of a dozen international bestselling thrillers, a literal rocker, economist, reporter and evidently now a TV producer.  This Norwegian multi-tasker is the coolest thing to an iceberg.  His thrillers are edge-of-your-seat reads and this TV show is the best I’ve seen since House of Cards.

Here’s the deal — Norway’s Prime Minister has closed off oil production to focus on a new eco-friendly production method he’s about to launch.  But, thanks to Russia and the EU ganging up, he’s forced to comply with re-opening his plants and sending the oil to Russia.  Over the 10 episodes, the poor PM schvitzes (a global term) through kidnappings, murders, Russian espionage, invasions and an in-country, anti-Russian terrorist group, “Free Norway,” not to mention a wife who leaves for Paris and a head of security who plays both sides of the fence while reeling from stage 4 cancer.  Whew!  There’s more high wire tension than even Philippe Petit could handle.  Plus there’s a handsome Norwegian security guy who unwittingly becomes a crucial Norway-Russia go-between.

I’ve always been amazed when actors can also sing, or singers can also paint, but Jo takes the cake.  This good-looking, kaffe-drinking, music loving writer is the best thing since sliced grovbrØd.

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