Was Marco Rubio an extra in a new Mod Squad series or did he just feel like rocking his true sense of style this week when he showed up with his new, shiny, boots?

The high-gloss, black, stack-heeled ankle boots caught everyone’s attention as the boyish Presidential candidate high-stepped it onto his campaign bus in New Hampshire.  Trust me, the most popular boots in New Hampshire are probably Merrells, so the whole Austin Powers look took everyone by surprise.

It must get a bit tiring grabbing the same navy suit, red tie and American flag pin, so Marco probably wanted to change it up.  The women have some more freedom; Hillary’s definitely a pantsuit addict, with just about every color in the book.

Not sure Rubio figured his boots would become a trending topic or that Joe Scarborough would actually call the boots, “Shagalicious,” but that’s what happens when you slip on a pair of high-heeled boots, slim slacks and a bright, blue sweater.  And Florsheim must have loved the free PR ‘cause this was no paid product integration.

Will Marco go back to his more buttoned-up look as he gets more aggressive with Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, or will he start to wear more leather and maybe show off a new “I love America” tattoo?  Seems he’s a touch amazed by the whole footwear kerfuffle and my guess is he’ll be trading in his cool new boots for his usual wingtips and loafers real soon.

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