Looks as if the polls all like the late night spotlight.  Why?  Plenty of viewers, fairly tame show hosts and they don’t need a PR agency to book the appearance.

Obama had the funniest bit with his slow jam with Jimmy Fallon.  Only our Prez could get away with something like this.  He’s still one cool, calm and collected guy and comes off like an Ivy Leaguer with rhythm.  Remember when Bill Clinton played the sax with shades on?  It was a moment like that, but trust me, Mitt, Rick or Newt could never have pulled it off.

On other channels, Romney was doing the Top 10 List with Dave in usual stiff-as-cardboard style.  I’d give the bit a C (for COME off your high horse, Mitt).  Romney might be practicing hard for upcoming debates, but there’s no way he’s going to make it to November without saying something that reminds the middle class that Mitt thinks he’s the Emperor of something.

Santorum and wife made an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show.  Looks as if Rick got a thicker hairpiece in the last few weeks, and has been eating pretty well.  While Rick kept repeating the country has to oust Obama, he stopped an inch short of throwing his support for Romney.  At least the guy wore a suit and not a sweater vest.

And on Leno, the other Ivy League Obama, Michelle, nibbled veggies and talked up exercise with Jay, who said he hasn’t eaten a vegetable in decades.

Why all the late night stops?  Because America loves its late night shows, and even if we miss them, we generally record them and play them back.  And even if we don’t do that, the videos are all over online news sites the next day.  It’s the best kind of PR anyone could ask for, if you’re good at the schtick!

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