Jesus take the tweets!

It’s been a busy 2012 already for the potential messiahs of the second coming. Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl, Blue Ivy, and Tim Tebow led his Denver Broncos to the playoffs. Both a publicist’s dream! But whose event did people care about the most?

I’m sorry Blue Ivy Carter, but according to Twitter, more people wanted to watch Jesus bring home a “W” than those who were excited about your birth announcement.

So how does one determine who’s more popular on Twitter? It’s actually measured in TPS or “Tweets Per Second.” I have a fear that’s now going to be included in middle school Physical Science equations… Tim Tebow received an unbelievable 9,420 TPS while Beyonce’s announcement received 8,868 TPS. Not only that, but both were at the top of Twitter’s worldwide “Trending Topics.” This list appears on the side of every one of twitter’s 360 million account pages, and is updated constantly based on what topics people are discussing on the social media site.

Twitter’s “Trending topics” have even become a news source. Instead of visiting different websites to hear about a celebrity death, new movie, political scandal or geographic event, simply click the link on the side. Twitter’s become a one-stop shop for social interaction and news. Shira Lazar has capitalized on this trend with her internet news and talk show “What’s Trending.” Like the name implies, Shira and her team of internet researchers follow what’s trending, usually focusing on what’s trending in real-time on Twitter. The trending topics are determined by mentions in tweets, specifically hashtags.

Now I’m going to go make #zcomm happen, people!

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