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I recently saw a post on Facebook that caught my attention. The writer said he won’t forgive anybody who voted for Trump. Not today, not tomorrow, not even next week or next year.

Now, anyone who’s met me (or read my blog post from a few months back) knows exactly how I feel about our president-elect. I despise him and everything he stands for politically. I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks I’ve wondered how he won the election. I keep hoping I’ll wake up one morning and realize it’s all been a bad dream.

Of course, all of us know someone who voted for Trump. I can say with absolute certainty that several people I love voted for him. Do I understand why? No, but it’s definitely not because they’re racist or sexist. Like millions of others, I suspect they did it because they’re not happy with the way things are. They’re looking for a change.  Do I forgive them? Of course, because even though I vehemently disagree with their choice, I support their right to make it. After all, this is America—the home of free speech and free will.

Here’s what I wrote about Trump back in April: “I truly believe his presidency would cause a tailspin from which America might never recover.” I still believe that, and I’m not looking forward to the next 4 years. In fact I’m dreading them, at least from a political point of view.

But, here’s the thing. Life goes on. I’ll go to work. I’ll go to the gym. I’ll spend time with my family and friends. I’ll root for my favorite sports teams and watch my favorite television shows. I’ll sign petitions if I agree with them and contact my congressional representatives when I think they can help. I’ll even write the occasional politically-themed blog post.

What I won’t do is sit on the couch and get depressed. What I won’t do is eat myself into a food coma. What I won’t do is spend all my time complaining about the way things are and saying things I’ll probably regret somewhere down the road.

In other words, I’m moving on. Won’t you join me?

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