How to use the news?

It’s not always easy to develop a news angle that resonates with editors and producers, but there are simple ways to increase the odds.

Risë Birnbaum, Founder of zcomm in Bethesda, MD and former ABC Network Correspondent, says be a news hound.  “Have the TV on and check online news sites whenever possible for stories that relate to your clients,” suggests Birnbaum.  “If you can leverage breaking news with a client story, you’ve got a better chance of placing your story.”

One example Birnbaum gave was the recent breaking news of Kanye West’s mother dying after plastic surgery.  “We have plastic surgeons as clients and immediately pitched them to health producers.  Because they were so good, the TV producers asked if we could provide them as regular guests.”

Another way to “work” the news is to customize it for your clients.  “If there’s a study on heart disease and you’ve got a heart drug client, try to pitch the story with local statistics on heart disease because radio and TV outlets love local news,” says Birnbaum.

“If it’s a slow news time, then suggest some client-sponsored surveys, developing offbeat questions and answers which tend appeal to the media.”

And keep sending clients relevant news stories.  You’re doing them a favor by keeping them updated at all times.

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