Risë at Hanks Oyster Bar
Risë at Hanks Oyster Bar

Risë Birnbaum

(ZPR) – I’ve never ever considered myself a foodie…until just recently.  Yes, I watch every Food network and just about every bizarre food show on TV and cable.  There’s more chopping coming from my TV than news, drama and comedies combined.  It’s just my way to chill.  But when I get home at nine and haven’t eaten, I make myself either a pb&j (with any jelly handy) or Bumble Bee white with oil on toast with thick stripe of Hellmann’s mayo (my mom’s fave brands leaked into my world).

And it’s good timing to come out of my oyster shell.  Not only is Passover just about done (as well as my GI tract) but DC has really become a first rate food town.  I couldn’t say that in the 1980s when I moved here from NYC, but I can say it now.

I go to places like Estadio, Pearl Dive, Graffiato, 2 Amys, and other hangouts where the food’s good, but ya gotta belly up to the sushi bar and wear ear plugs or your ears will be ringin’ like Notre Dame.  One place where you can check out the food buzz in DC is “the list and are you on it?”

So, it’s spring and I’m traveling more which means more trains and planes.  I got Amtrak down pat because I grab yogurt in DC and know Penn Station places like Nathan’s and Zaro’s.  And I’ll literally stop at any NYC pizza joint.

But, airports are a different animal.  Though I fly, I hate schlepping my bag to and from unknown bistros, so when I caught the “best eats at 20 busiest airports” on CNN Travel, I was thrilled.

Shoyu Restaurant
Shoyu Restaurant at the Minneapolis Airport

Here’s a quick rundown on

some top spots:

Atlanta – One Flew South is new upscale restaurant in Terminal E

Denver – the beer outranks the food so try the New Belgium Hub (gates B80)

LAX – Pinks for hot dogs and eyes peeled for Michael Voltaggio’s ink sac

Miami – Lorena Garcia Cocina for Caribbean jerk chicken

So, get to the airport early, grab some good chow and start eating while you’re watching the news on the monitors at the gate for an hour and a half.  It’s better than eating one inch away from the homeless guy seated in the next seat while you’re enjoying a burger and fries with everything.

Safe travels!


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