Elbow, Elbow, Wrist, Wrist

With the looming nuptials of the Prince and soon-to-be Princess, the world is buzzing with wedding preparations. The Royal Public Relations Services have been working hard to fill our screens with pictures to play on our childhood fantasies of one day being Princess and get us excited for the big day.

But with the exception of Philadelphia native Princess Grace, who showed us our Princess dreams can come true, it’s not likely in the cards for most of us.  Why?  Mostly, because we chose to leave our British ancestry behind a wet trail of tea leaves, along with pretty much any chance of becoming a Princess.  Katewilliam

After reading (and reading…and reading) about this wedding, I’m starting to think being a Princess is not all it’s cracked up to be. Princess Catherine has lots of work ahead of her to be a royal. At first it just seemed a bit odd that she will no longer be Kate Middleton, but rather Princess Catherine and then I learned it will officially be "Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales." No royal blood, no royal title.

All in all the wedding is exciting and has shown what a lot of good publicity can do. Between pre-game shows and celebrities in large hats eating appetizers and sipping champagne, the media frenzy itself is enough to entertain for hours.  

I haven’t seen a social media campaign executed so well since the presidential election. Did you know you can send a video message of congrats to the couple on the official YouTube Wedding Book?

With Twitter followers hanging on every word, a live stream of the wedding on YouTube, a Royal website … this is not your typical fairytale wedding. This wedding is going viral. Using all of today’s communications and social media tools to distribute their news, England is showing it’s not all cricket and scones. 

Thanks to the Twitter feed, we now know:

  • The Royal Invitation List (complete with Kate’s local bar owner and postman)
  • The Royal Seating Plan
  • And, The Royal Flowers

With all the hype, is there any place on the planet not planning a royal banquet to watch the royal wedding on the royal screen? And, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  So, yes, we at zcomm have developed a royal contest, too. As regal as the royal party is, America has a special brand of ruling class all our own. Check it out to vote for these American “royals” and win $100 restaurant.com gift card.  And for the record, we will be holding a high tea and ordering in some scones here at zcomm to celebrate the wedding.

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