Mon Dieux! Dominique Strauss-Kahn might actually be innocent of the charges leveled against him by a Manhattan maid. And with the charges dropped, the prosecutor-led perp walk might morph into a walk back into the public graces of his fellow Frenchfolk.

This socialist socialite might still be a slimeball, but if DSK opts to run for President of France, he just might have enough French voters feeling sorry for him to help him win the election… or at the very least getting back on the horse and in the race.

How could he earn his political reputation back in France? If I were his PR counselor, I’d round up some very credible French heavyweights to be extremely vocal about how “wronged” DSK was by the law, the media and the maid, and how his loss of IMF top spot and slot in the upcoming French Presidential election was simply unforgivable. The only just option is for DSK to get back into the spotlight and demonstrate the kind of leader he would be for France.

Given the global clamoring for any tidbit related to DSK-Gate, this would be a perfect time to round up allies and send them on the road to speak to high level French radio, TV and newspapers. Reporters from Le Figaro, Le Monde, France 2 and France 24 will be lining up for any sidebars to this major political, sex-fueled news event.

As for DSK himself, he should certainly reinforce the fact he stated he was innocent from the start, but the outrage must come from others on his behalf in order to strengthen his credibility and re-ignite his following and his career.

Do I think DSK was wronged? Well, I’m no fan of slapping cuffs on public figures just to make the Manhattan DA’s office look good, but I have this sneaking suspicion that though charges are dropped this time around, DSK has been no angel throughout his career.

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