Daughter Goes Hollywood

What’s with all these Hollywood bosses?  Just because you make money young gives you
the right to send interns out for lattes and bottled water?  And god forbid the foam isn’t just right on
the latte!

How do I know this? 
My Ivy league daughter went straight from college to LA to become a TV
writer.  As part of her passage into
nutso-land she was screamed at by several producers when the salad dressing
wasn’t just so or there weren’t enough ground beans on the top of their latte

We have interns here at zcomm and I can count on one hand
the times I’ve ever asked an intern to grab me a coffee.  And I’ve NEVER asked anyone to pick up my dry
cleaning or clean out the fridge.  I’d be
too embarrassed.

Don’t know if this is an east coast/west coast deal or just
a bunch of arrogant airheads with big bank accounts but low self esteem.

I would love the chance to call one or two of her former
bosses and let them have it, but as a PR “pro” I recognize that’s not the best
tactic to help my daughter climb the TV ladder.

Is it that drama is just part of the Hollywood scene or that
paying your dues in La La Land means sucking up to a bunch of egomaniacal wing

I have a friend who says that money changes you.  It probably does.  But in Hollywood land, I’m guessing that the
power players are probably all 5’6” and under…unless they stand on their
wallets.  And when they stand on their
wallets, they feel tall enough to chew out anyone lower on the food chain.

OK…I’ve vented enough. 
Off to get my own coffee.

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