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Risë Birnbaum & the Buzz

Pulitzer Prizes Highlight The Best of Journalism in 2018

Last week, newsrooms across the country were recognized for their tireless crusade to uphold the first amendment. As Pulitzer Prize winners were announced, journalists took a momentary break from their busy days consumed by interviews and press conferences to celebrate their colleagues’ diligent work to hold those in power accountable, inform the public and report the truth. In a time… Read more →

(Pizza) Pi Day

Pi Day, March 14th, came and went last week, but not without a highly anticipated celebration at the ZComm offices. To pay homage to the magical number, we decided to taste a few different pizzerias that deliver to our downtown office. We politely declined 7 Eleven’s free slice, and ordered pizzas from &Pizza, Pi Pizzeria and Wiseguy Pizza. Don’t be… Read more →

Weekend Round Up: 3/8 – 3/10

Living in a bustling city like D.C., you’re usually inundated with things to do, but sometimes it’s hard to choose. We’re flooded with options, from new bars and restaurants to museum exhibits, and we’re often left overwhelmed and ridden with indecision. The ZComm team is here to rescue you from your weekend worries with a carefully selected list of activities.… Read more →

National Croissant Day!

  In honor of National Croissant Day, Abby, Meredith and I conducted a very official taste test of our favorite French pastry. To brighten a brisk Monday morning, we brought croissants from three local cafes and bakeries to our office. On the roster we had the east coast coffee-roasting favorite La Colombe, the international superstar Paul, and the D.C. native… Read more →