What’s wrong with this country?  
People still have this undeniable urge to bully others.  Is it a small ego thing…a small brain
thing?  Something is definitely small ‘cause
no one who feels good about him/herself would care if someone else were short
or skinny or fat or gay.  Why does it

I felt sick when I heard about the Rutgers incident.  It is like a bad movie, the handsome and
popular boy rigs the quiet, different boy’s room with a video cam and then broadcasts
a live stream, invading this talented kid’s privacy and humiliating him to the
point of suicide.  Can you imagine
thinking you’ve got no way out but to jump off the GW bridge?  And this kid had such promise.  How many other promising kids are suicidal
because of what others say and do?

I hope they throw the book at this techie kid and his partner in
crime.  And if he doesn’t get punished enough by the legal system, I hope every employer in America remembers this
story and refuses to hire them.

What do we need…a PSA campaign to remind Americans not to bully?  I think we do.

When I was in Jr. High School, a classmate once ran
after me with a four inch hatpin.  Needless
to say, I still remember the incident and probably broke a track record or two
that day.

Take Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey
Katzenberg.  My guess is they weren’t
picked first for baseball, but look at what they’ve achieved as adults.

Everyone’s different and we need to revel in the
difference, not demean it.  And if we do,
what a better world this would be.

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