Oh the weather outside is
frightful…   I just logged on to and it looks like the entire country is purple, red or blue.  And that means blizzard, freezing or
hazardous conditions. 

As I left the office for
lunch here in beautiful downtown Bethesda, MD, I began to wonder when North
Face became the parka of the people? Me, dressed in my very warm sheepskin jacket,
came face to North Face jacket about every five feet. This is Bethesda, not
Vail and I’m headed to work, not on a double black diamond run. 

By the time I got back you
could have tossed me into a tumbler and swirled me around with the rest of the
ice cubes. I’d head down to Miami to visit my former home at WINZ Radio, but
it’s about 40 degrees there and everyone thinks it’s freezing, too. Not exactly
swimming weather. 

While the temperature
continues to drop and we are treated to even more delightful freezing rain, I
remembered something. I like work even more when it’s nasty out.  I have no problem with the snow, unlike the
other DC drivers. My 4-wheel drive car provides the piece of mind I need when
the grinning weather guys and gals are calling for 12-24 inches. I think their
serotonin levels go up whenever they sniff some “unusual weather” headed our

I must admit though as a Public Relations person I do love to watch the
weathercasters. This is their 15 minutes of fame. They’re in their glory. They
lead the news then come back for their extended segment and then get to promo
the news again.  And while, I’ll bet
nearly 75% of them don’t have a degree in meteorology, they do have good hair
and they know how to banter. They also have their Doppler radar, golden snow shovel
and satellite photos from Mars.

The moral of this
story?  Why venture into five degree wind
chill when I can go voice a PSA or
bang out some copy for a radio
in a well-heated office where there’s plenty of coffee and
snacks. Throw another log on the fire, grab a cup of soup and grilled cheese
and settle into your desk. Stay warm.

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