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It’s the finale of election season in Washington, D.C. It’s time to brace yourselves for political turmoil. Board up the windows and batten down the hatches. There’s a storm coming. Riots. Mayhem. Chaos in the streets. If you can’t take the heat, then it’s time to get out of the kitchen.


*Trump Voice* WRONG!

Snap back to reality: Welcome to Washington, D.C., arguably the most politically correct city in the United States. Election Day is not a day of reckoning here. It’s a holiday.

Contrary to popular belief, the political environment here in the nation’s capital is much more tolerant than one would imagine. Gone are the days of tiptoeing away from current issues with my politically-challenged friends. Two or three drinks deep into a first date in Washington, D.C., and I’m talking politics. Boom. How’s that for dating advice?

In Washington, D.C., there’s an implied understanding of the necessity for difference of opinion. You’re more likely to hear the word debate than argument, and you [probably] won’t be called wingnut, socialist, or moonbat just because you reside too far from the center of the political spectrum.

The truth is that on Election Day there won’t be any picket mobs marching on the White House with torches and pitchforks. They’re going to be at the bar.

And here’s some breaking news: Contrary to what you may have heard on various media outlets, America is still great. And that’s why I’ll be on Capitol Hill November 8th poppin’ bottles like Nick Carraway at a Great Gatsby party.

I’ve spent about two and a half months in Washington, D.C., and realize that if there’s one thing this city loves more than politics, it’s drinking. Don’t let them fool you, politicians are human beings just like us, or at least just like me, because I love to drink.

If you don’t believe me, check out this article from The Washington Post listing the best election night watch party spots here in D.C. I assure you, it’s not a short list. As a proud American, I consider it my civic duty to urge you to join in the fun.

Let me help you with your Election Day to-do list:

  1. Get out there and vote
  2. Exercise your 1st Amendment right and talk some politics
  3. Head to your local neighborhood watch party
  4. Buy me a drink

And there you have it folks. I hope to see you out and about on Election Day—and beyond.

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