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In the world of PR, blogger outreach is one of the sharpest, new arrows in our quiver. Why? More laser-targeted impressions, which means the right reach. And it’s only natural that followers are more likely to trust a blogger’s word over a branded ad.Read more

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Cruise Control

When the Ship Hits the Fan By Risë Birnbaum Some of my best vacations have been on cruise ships with family and friends.  There’s something nice about hanging up my clothes just once in that small closet, never packing or unpacking again and then waking up to a new port every day (as well as the 27 lounges, piano players,… Read more →

What are you thankful for?

To celebrate this holiday season, some of the staff at zcomm wanted to share what they are thankful for. You can get to know the z staffers while enjoying an extra helping of turkey or stuffing! zcomm believes in putting family first. The best of both worlds collide in this dynamic duo as the CEO and Founder, Risë, shares that she… Read more →

Twinkie Fever

By Risë Birnbaum They’re back.  Those spongy, springy vanilla cakes loaded with creamy filling.  Fans are rushing the stores for the addictive cello-wrapped favorites, but some are not so thrilled.  It seems they’re a bit smaller than they were in 2012.  Back then, a box of twinkies weighed a hefty 15 ounces.  Now they weigh 13.58 ounces.  But, Hostess says… Read more →

Buzz Kill

Are you coffee crazed?  Risë Birnbaum has the buzz on what’s bewing (ZPR) – Who doesn’t like coffee raise their hand? Don’t see many hands. It’s a fact, everyone I know in the PR biz can’t start the day without a cup of coffee…or two…or make that three. If there isn’t a Keurig machine in the kitchen there are at… Read more →


A ballsy move in NYC.  zcomm’s Risë Birnbaum has more in her latest blog (ZPR) – Anthony Weiner is back where he wants to be – smack in front of the camera.  But this time the guy’s wearing big boy pants. Think about it.  This dude is barely back from e-mailing pics of his hefty package to women (like marky… Read more →